Cleveland, NC has evolved from Indian trails and buffalo wallows, from wagon roads to paved streets and highways, from mainly agriculture to a mixture of agriculture and industry.

 Incorporated in 1883 as Third Creek Station and renamed Cleveland in 1887, this small town of approximately 900 is located in the western portion of Rowan County. Today one can sense a historical connection of family and culture as well as benefit from modern innovations, technology, and services.

Our area is served by highly-rated schools, services that make us self-sufficient, and businesses that offer employment and stability to the town. The town goal is to preserve the home-town flavor without sacrificing quality living. Take a look at us at the following links.

The Rowan Public Library has started a Cleveland Outreach Program in Cleveland.  Books are available for citizens to check out and bring back when finished reading.  Please limit 3 books per person.   A sign out book is provided.  A variety of books are available including children, youth, fiction and non-fiction.   The library is located beside Town Hall in the green building and is open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on days when Town Hall is open.

ONLINE BILL PAY - Water/sewer bills can be paid online.  For more information, click on Other Information on the Main Menu, then click on Utility Services. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY IF YOU WANT TO PAY ONLINE BUT DO NOT WANT TO SIGN UP FOR ELECTRONIC BILLING.  Call Town Hall if you inadvertently signed up for e-billing and do not want to receive your bill electronically.  Paper bills are not mailed for e-billing accounts.

ELECTRONIC BILLING - You may sign up to receive your bills elecronically.  For more information, click on Other Information on the Main menu, then click on Utility Services.

URBAN ARCHERY SEASON - The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has given North Carolina municipalities the opportunity to participate in an Extended Urban Archery Deer Season.  With the deer population growing in urban areas, the number of motor vehicle accidents involving deer is also on the rise.  In an effort to control the deer population and to mitigate accidents involving deer, the Urban Deer Season was created.  The season will run January 14 to February 18, 2017.
The Town of Cleveland is participating in the Urban Archery Deer Season.  Archery hunting is allowed ONLY in the Town limits of Cleveland.  NC Wildlife regulations require you to have written permission from property owners that must be carried with you while you are  hunting.  Hunting is not allowed on any Town-owned property.  Contact Town Hall at 704-278-4777 to verify an area is located within the Town limits.  Contact the NC Division of Wildlife Managment for hunting regulations at


2017 Town Board Meeting Changes:
The regular monthly Board meeting times for the summer months, beginning May through September, will be changed from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  The meeting for October will revert back to the regular time at 7:00 p.m.