Zoning Permits:   

Required by the Town for all buildings, building additions, carports, storage buildings, swimming pools, fences, etc. Obtain at Town Hall during business hours.

Livestock & Poultry:
No livestock (cow, horse, pony, mule, goat, sheep, hogs or other livestock) is allowed within the Town limits.  Poultry and rabbits are limited to one animal per household as a pet.  This animal must be in a penned lot with shelter that is maintained in a sanitary and humane manner.  Bona fide farms are exempt from the requirements of this ordinance.  Farms are any tract containing ten (10) acres or more used for a farming operation.
Leash Law:

The Town observes the County Leash Law. If you allow your pet to roam at large, you run the risk of having it picked up by Rowan County Animal Control.

 High Grass:

Grass height of twenty-four (24) inches or more is in violation of the Town Nuisance Ordinance and can subject the property owner to fines.  As of April 2, 2013, there is an exception to the twenty-four (24) inch height requirement allowed for vacant lots over one acre and used for agricultural purposes such as making hay.  The owner must register the property at Town Hall for agricultural use.  If the lot is adjacent to improved property or a public street, it must be kept mowed below twenty-four (24) inches within ten (10) feet of such property or street.

Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board Meetings:
Meetings are held the last Monday of the even-numbered (2,4,6,8,10,12) months at 6:00 p.m. at Town Hall.